About Us

Waterloo Music is an independent musical instrument store in the heart of Somerset. We stock a wide range of instruments and accessories from big names including Fender, Mapex, PRS, Marshall, Yamaha, Maton, Gretsch, Paiste, Orange, Meinl, Ibanez, Tanglewood, Laney and lots more. Established in 2015 at 16 Hendford Yeovil we have been operating for over 2 years in supplying both customers and events with high-quality instruments and equipment. For the best possible stock and retail experience choose Waterloo Music.

Aside from products, we stock we can also provide a range of services such as instrument repair and maintenance, or we can also provide and host music lessons for those eager to learn.

Waterloo Music

The online store portion of this website is under developement, no orders will be fulfilled until the store is live. Dismiss